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Juvenile Probation Officer

Juvenile Probation Officer Job Description

How to become a probation officer that works with Juveniles.

Juvenile probation officers have a similar task to a normal probation office,r but they work with youth offenders instead of adults. Most times juvenile probation officers work with juveniles only, but in some places probation officers will work with both adults and youth.

-A juvenile probation officer will recommend sentences’ to the court. They will then work with the juvenile and their family to make sure that they understand what is required to fulfill the sentence.

-The probation officer will want to be a role model for the youth to help him or her not only fulfill the probation requirements but help the youth see what kind of person they could become and hopefully have a different view of how to conduct themselves.

-The officer will also prepare and deliver reports on how the juvenile is doing with their sentence. Both the good and bad.

-The officer will conduct drug tests and do searches of the youth’s room.

-they will be in contact regularly with the youth's school, family and other agencies to make sure that the youth is complying to their probation sentence.

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